February 1st… You know what that means…

February 1st if often met with great sigh’s of relief that at last we are free of January’s dull days spent waiting for pay-day & attempting to stick at all those well meaning new year’s resolutions. But it also means one thing is approaching… Valentines Day. Whether you are newly loved up, in a long-term relationship or looking for that person to sweep you off your feet this February 14th, we are all feeling more than a little stressed over this glorified Hallmark holiday!

If you are in a state of panic & frantically googling ‘Top 10 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in London’ then here’s a little restaurant recommendation that might help you start to feel a little less stressed about the dreaded day!

Last year we decided to go to the beautiful and romantic Bob Bob Ricard in Soho. They serve ‘a luxury English and Russian menu to its eclectic clientele’, says the website. And it certainly does. You sit in these gorgeous booths surrounded by gold plated…well, everything! The service is incredible & the menu is to die for. After being greeted at our table by, one of the Bob’s and given a Rhubarb G&T on the house (Tweeting where you are isn’t always a bad idea!) we were set up for a beautiful evening of great food & lovely company. And hey, any place with a ‘Press for Champagne’ button, is alright by me!

You can find out more about Bob Bob Ricard at http://www.bobbobricard.com & you can follow them on Twitter @BobBobRicard




This year, i’m hoping for a quiet night in with some beautiful food & just enjoying each others company. And maybe a lovely hand-tied bouquet wouldn’t go a miss… xoxo



5 thoughts on “February 1st… You know what that means…

  1. I agree, Valentines day is so overdone now days. The romance has sort of gone out of it now as it becomes more commercialised. I’m sure your boyfriend will get you some nice flowers – especially as you have posted that it “wouldn’t go a miss”. 🙂

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