Brockley Market

While our studio is always busy at the weekends, we had our first client in at 1pm today, so managed to sneak out to Brockley Market this morning for a few treats before all the hard work began!

Brockley Market is a great little food market in the Lewisham College car park every Saturday with some of the best food stalls in the country! Many of the van’s & stalls are run by the most incredible chefs that can be found in some of London’s top restaurants come evening! But by day they are all serving up their specialities to eager queues, with the best ingredients London has to offer.


Lot’s of people say, London can be quite a difficult place to find a sense of community in as everyones rushing around avoiding eye-contact at all costs. But not here, everywhere you look are happy families & friends meeting to catch up on the weeks events & try some of whats on offer each week.

This week I tried Fleisch Mob serving up ‘Austrian street food, London style’ all by Mark Edwards. Having spent a little of my childhood in Munich, any Bavarian food is a hit with me!



Naturally, I went right for the Schnitzel! It’s served in Rye Sourdough with a homemade berry compote & rocket. Yum. I haven’t had Schnitzel since I was about 10 years old, so it had an awful lot to live up to! Every order is made fresh for you while you wait, and while you do, you can have a little look round at what else is on offer. Don’t forget to bring a little extra cash, as unless you have the willpower of a saint, there is no way you are walking past some of these stalls without taking it all home! Image


That last shot is of Kooky Bakes, all i’m saying (for now) is they sell Smores Whoopie Pies… No seriously. I think we all know what my blog will be about next week!

Anyway… Back to the schnitzel! Once cooked it is assembled beautifully onto the Rye & wrapped in Brown Paper, then cut in two! By this point it all smells so delicious I can’t wait.



The sandwich was perfectly balanced, the berry compote added a lovely sweetness and with the Schnitzel cooked to perfection, what more could you want? If you want to know more about Fleisch Mob or any of the other things on the menu then you can check out or follow them at @FleischMob!
ImageOther favourites of mine & John’s are Mother Flipper Burgers (which John get’s every time we go)! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a better burger in my life. Definitely one to try when you visit. You can follow them on Twitter @MotherFlipperUK


 We also tried Fish Dogs bite size Cinnamon ‘Dog-Nuts’, which were light as air & served with a salted caramel sauce! Absolutely delish! Fish Dogs usually serve posh Fish Finger sandwiches/dogs, something to try definitely! You can follow them on Twitter @Fish_Dogs




Brockley Market is a lovely place to spend your Saturday morning with friends & definitely worth a little trip across the river if you aren’t local! It’s open 10am-2pm every weekend, but getting there early is always recommended as some of the more popular food stalls tend to run out in the last hour! You can also check on Twitter which of the food stalls are going to be there in advance if you are eager to catch one i’ve mentioned @BrockleyMarket.


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