A Chorus Line

After seeing A Chorus Line last night my faith in musical theatre has been restored. I realise that may sound dramatic but as an audience we have been forced to accept second rate performances from C-List pop stars that can’t even dream to sing the score accurately. Time and time again we have had to sit through this & not to mention that the only musicals opening are juke-box trash that has been churned out with no real thought. Of course, ‘Matilda the Musical’ is the exception to this horrific rule. I find myself seeing more & more plays in the hope of seeing something truthful and only seeing the musicals once the pop star has been replaced or when I get offered free tickets. I’ve loved musical theatre since I was a little girl & have spent countless hours singing into the mirror dreaming of being those characters, so for me I felt continually let down by this art form which once filled me with such joy. Yet last night, all that joy I felt as a child rushed back hearing these songs I know so well being executed perfectly. If you’ve ever dreamt of being on the stage then you will continually identify with these characters as they tell their stories of how they got into show business and how hard it is to stick it out. Every single person on that stage is pouring their heart & soul into these characters and you can see it from the moment they enter. Whoever said if you are in musical theatre you can’t act? Well not this time, honest, truthful & heartfelt performances on some very difficult subjects. Stand out performances came from Ed Currie as Bobby who has comic timing to die for and kept the audience in the palm of his hand throughout his long and at times bizarre monologue explaining his strange tendencies as a child and Victoria Hamilton-Barritt as Diana who was a joy to watch, giving one of the most truthful performances of the night. Musical theatre at it’s best, and not a re-hashed pop song in sight! I hope dearly that this show stays around in it’s beautiful home, The London Palladium, for a long run! Now excuse me, while I sing and dance around my living room… A 5,6,7,8.


You can book to see A Chorus Line at The London Palladium and find out more at www.achoruslinelondon.com or Follow them on twitter @AChorusLineLDN


4 thoughts on “A Chorus Line

  1. Going on Saturday – expecting to love it! But must say I’ve seen some great shows this year in London (Kiss Me Kate, Mack and Mabel, VictorVictoria being 3 of the best) so not sure musical theatre is in such a dire state!

    • All the great musical theatre i’ve seen has been on the fringe with a few exceptions in town! If only we could have that in town instead of the likes of Viva Forever etc! x

      • Yes agree! Heard rumour today that ‘Merrily we roll along’ is transferring to West End which makes me happy as only caught onto it after it was sold out!

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