London by Boat

Living in London you can become quite blasé about just how beautiful this city is. Easily done, but easily fixed. I try to travel all different ways around the city, even if it takes a bit longer than the tube being above ground has some wonderful benefits. You rarely end up with your face in someone else’s arm pit for one!! On the way home yesterday we decided to get the Thames Clipper back to Greenwich instead of the overground. It’s a bit more expensive, and if you suffer from motion sickness like me it can be tricky – but once you get to see London without any obstructions (or traffic!) it’s worth it.




Seriously, I didn’t even edit in big ben’s outline to this – it was just reflected on the window to give a wonderful effect – I didn’t even notice till I was reviewing the images after!


If you tire of admiring the view, why not be an absolute poser like me & admire a beautiful bouquet from a loved one!

ImageThe ‘Harry Potter’ bridge, as most people call it! But with no Voldemort in sight it is still wonderfully intact.


There are many tourist boats that you can board from near Big Ben, The London Eye, Embankment Pier, Tower Bridge,  but the clipper continues down to Canary Wharf, Greenwich and Woolwich, as it is a primarily a commuter boat. Grab a ticket, head down the dock, put down your iPhone and just enjoy the view! xoxo


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