Valentino – Master of Couture Exhibition

On Valentine’s Day we got tickets to see the Valentino – Master of Couture Exhibition at Somerset House.  It was simply beautiful, well structured and insightful into a world I know very little about. Aside from the standard – ‘ooh, ahh pretty dresses’ that it evoked, it showed the incredible artistry and skill involved in the making of these stunning pieces. Photos weren’t technically allowed inside the exhibition, but I managed to snap a few with my iPhone from behind my programme… So if they aren’t perfect, I apologise!






One of my favourite dresses from the exhibition – S/S 1998 White taffeta hand-painted evening gown. (Above)




One that was highlighted several times throughout the exhibition – Designed in 1955, released in 1990. White rebrode lace evening town with pink degrade chiffon drape detailing. A tribute to Mexican Actress Maria Felix. (Above)Image


 Throughout the catwalk all the seats are reserved for famous actresses/iconic figures that have worn Valentino. Spotted one for a lovely friend… (Above)

ImageAt the end there was a film discussing Valentino the man & the brand over the years with interviews from his colleagues, closest friends and the man himself.

Even if you haven’t a clue about fashion you’ll love the glamour & artistry on show from start to finish. You can book tickets at Open : 29th November 2012 – 3rd March 2013. Enjoy! xoxo


One thought on “Valentino – Master of Couture Exhibition

  1. Thanks for posting! I had always wanted to see this exhibit, but I don’t live in London so of course there’s no way I could. Valentino has left such a wonderful legacy in fashion and it’s great to see an exhibit that celebrates his work!

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