Barcelona – Gothic Cathedral

I wanted to explore the gothic quarter of Barcelona as really – what could be better for a photographer. All that beautiful history and architecture – perfect.  We found the Gothic Cathedral right away and really, it was the main reason I wanted to come down and explore here.

I love dramatic architecture – and this had it in spades. I’m going to let the photographs speak for themselves as I had so much fun photographing this incredible building. 



Once again we opted to go up some ridiculously old & small elevator and onto the roof of the Cathedral – I mean really I should have learnt my lesson from Sagrada Familia – but this was taking un safe to a whole new level! We were precariously balanced on some scaffolding that really was about the fall at any minute – or at least at the time it really felt like it was. And to add to the already building level of hysteria it was incredibly windy up there – so if we weren’t falling to our death due to the scaffolding we were certainly about to be blown over the side. I couldn’t resist posting the next two photos of my mother to illustrate this point further – sorry Mum! After a very fleeting visit – we slowly side stepped our way back towards the elevator.









We stumbled upon the courtyard (Cloister) and found these adorable white geese that they keep there. I spent far too long naming them and trying to win their trust to obtain the perfect photograph. But to no avail – so these will have to do! 



 I like to think he was posing for me there – just a little!

We found our way back out onto the beautiful streets of the gothic quarter and continued our adventure! (Until the rain returned!)