Snow-less London

Whilst the majority of Londoners are thrilled that the last of the snow has gone, i’m left feeling a slight longing for the beautiful white stuff that causes so much trouble! This could be the fact that I work from home in my studio, so only have to venture out in it for snow ball fights and to shoot clients in the magical surroundings… (Did I mention i’m a photographer yet?) I’m sure if I had a daily commute to make, perhaps i’d be happy to be rid of it. But as I look out of my window and see a grey, dreary & wet London i’m wishing we had it for just a little longer!

While i’m in this mood, I thought i’d post a few shots of two of the snowy photo shoots we did of little Angel & Harmoni, having been given permission by there parents to post! And two photos of me in Greenwich taken by my lovely boyfriend John-Webb.

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